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Month: June 2020

Donate The Education

Everyone in the lockdown has more things to think and more things to debate and sometimes after any debate with friends or family we might have felt bad about the thoughts and activities prevailing in the society. Arguing the existing myths with your friends or family either it can be a religious belief, cast discrimination, or any kind of politics prevailing in the society with which some might have won changing the people but most left it as an argument which can never be changed. The cause for the clash of arguments even with the educated is because your thought and the society are not aligned. It’s all because of the stereotype given for education for these many years.

Like the Adjustment

There is a lot of difference between liking something and adjusting something. I see like qualities as past behavior because we like something which we have learned or seen in the past but adjust qualities always deal with the present behavior. If you like a car seeing it while going on a bus or you like a phone seeing its luxury its all just the state of mind which you got attracted to it and liked it. Now if you work all the years to buy the things which you liked then you are going to hurt the likes of your family.

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