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Parenting Back to Parents

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I would first start with what this post all about, Every child who has grown into an adult will mostly have a lot of his/her basic character from their parents from whom they have been brought up. As a child, there won’t be any contradiction between the parent and child but as growing to an adult there raises the contradiction between each child and the parent because of each of their ideas. This post summarizes one of the key elements for contradiction and things a son/daughter to do in returns for his/her parent.                                       images (10)    

Karma Returned Back With A Lady Star

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The experience in life which you make sometimes surprise you or sometimes shock you. In this post, I am going to share both shocking as well as the surprising experience which I had. First I will share my surprising experience.

Being in Bangalore traffic becomes part of life. As always I used to return from my office to pg by walk. Usually walking back to the house after school or college always make us feel good, relaxing ourselves after the day. The same way I used to feel after my work at the office looking at the roadside shops in the evening and observing the happenings in the road while returning to pg. On that day I was walking on the road carrying my office bag. Suddenly the auto-rickshaw which was going by my side stopped and the persons in the vehicles behind the auto-rickshaw started shouting at him. As it was a ramp-up road it was difficult for him to pull the auto-rickshaw. I saw and immediately I asked shall I pull it and he said yes. We were pulling the auto-rickshaw for a while and it was a surprise for me that everyone was looking at me weird thinking as I was wearing a good suit tucked in neat and in shoes why he is pulling the auto-rickshaw.

Donate The Education

Everyone in the lockdown has more things to think and more things to debate and sometimes after any debate with friends or family we might have felt bad about the thoughts and activities prevailing in the society. Arguing the existing myths with your friends or family either it can be a religious belief, cast discrimination, or any kind of politics prevailing in the society with which some might have won changing the people but most left it as an argument which can never be changed. The cause for the clash of arguments even with the educated is because your thought and the society are not aligned. It’s all because of the stereotype given for education for these many years.

Like the Adjustment

There is a lot of difference between liking something and adjusting something. I see like qualities as past behavior because we like something which we have learned or seen in the past but adjust qualities always deal with the present behavior. If you like a car seeing it while going on a bus or you like a phone seeing its luxury its all just the state of mind which you got attracted to it and liked it. Now if you work all the years to buy the things which you liked then you are going to hurt the likes of your family.

Change In Need Is A Change Indeed

Most of us are differentiated from the changes we have in our daily walk of life but are never differentiated with a few things which we never change. Have you ever noticed how far we have changed from childhood to now?. Let’s look back and search what all we have changed either from the stronger nature of ours to weaker or weaker to stronger, losing attitude to winning attitude, active nature to lazy or lazy to active.

Speed Breakers And The Accidents

Hi everyone. This is my first post which I felt to post about my suggestion to the existing speed breakers and the accidents happening due to it. I will share one incident that happened in my life.

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